Yang Zhenhua: Chinese ancient jade identification

National Heritage Identification Committee jade group members, our country's famous jade identification, teachers from jade everyone Zhang Yongchang. In jade identification circles had "North Geng (Geng Baolu) Nang Zhang (Zhang Yongchang)" argument, and Yang Zhenhua is the first group of students worship Zhang Yongchang.

For 38 years, she has participated in many important cultural relics appraisals. In 1993, she was employed by the National Cultural Relic Training Center as an expert in identifying jade jade and was the teacher of the center. In August 2005, she was hired as a member of the jade group by the National Appraisal Committee of Cultural Relics.

Its concept of "knowing jade knows Chinese spirit" has won the recognition and support of the industry and even the majority of jade collectibles lovers.