• There is a "Chinese new language", it is called Xiandao which only 120 people can say

    Xiandao is the language used by Xiandao people who are Achang nationality live in Xiandao camp, Mangmian village and Mang’e camp, Mangxian village in Dehong state, Yunnan province. There are around 120 people use Xiandao language, it is the no-word language that has the least users in China.

  • People who can sing “Meige” are the people of our side

    Meige, which is the transliteration of Yi. In Yi, “Mei” means “mouth”, “Ge” means “the past”, “Meige” means sing the past. “Meige” is composed of four parts: “Genesis”, “ Creation”, “Marriage and Love” and “Funeral”. The four parts represent “Old Meige”,”Mid-life Meige”,”Youth Meige” and “Baby Meige”. It has no written records, the spread of it relies on teaching orally. It has experienced thousands of years and has reflected history in a poetic way, which can been seen as the “root” of Yi.

  • "Hanihaba", the "living fossil" of the original rap art

    “Hanibani”, the “living fossil” of the original rap art, is the earliest literary style of human beings preserved from ancient times to nowadays. In Hani’s language, Hanibani is ancient song of Hani, which means “walking along the road that Hani’s ancestors opened up”. It is a popular folk ballad which has widespread and far-reaching influence in the life of the Hani people. It is different from folk song, love song and nursery rhyme, it is an ancient style of singing which is simple and unsophisticated, solemn and elegant.

  • Yang Zhenhua: Chinese ancient jade identification

    National Heritage Identification Committee jade group members, our country's famous jade identification, teachers from jade everyone Zhang Yongchang. In jade identification circles had "North Geng (Geng Baolu) Nang Zhang (Zhang Yongchang)" argument, and Yang Zhenhua is the first group of students worship Zhang Yongchang.

  • "Papamipa" flows like a river, all sing, seven days and nights

    "Elder brother love long, it seems that day and night water, water will sometimes do, Elder brother will always be beside me ... ..." The old song called oath "is the last century love song" Theme song, the film is living in Yunnan Lancang River side of the Lahu clan as the prototype shot.