Press Introduction

Yunnan Ethnic Culture and Audiovisual Press Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sole proprietorship enterprise directly under the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture. Its predecessor was Yunnan Ethnic Culture and Audiovisual Publishing House. It was established in the 1980s and was established in 1993. In 2009, it was transformed into a corporate system. It belongs to Yunnan Wenbo Industry Group under the leadership of Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture. Over the years, the company has produced, published and distributed more than 1300 audiovisual products based on the rich resources of Yunnan's ethnic culture. It has been planning, photographing, and publishing many of the Yunnan ethnic minorities in recent years. The material cultural heritage, which is an excellent publication of content, has made important contributions to saving and protecting human cultural heritage, strengthening cultural and artistic exchanges at home and abroad, and satisfying the spiritual and cultural life needs of the people of all ethnic groups in Yunnan.

● The Yunnan Ethnic Culture and Audiovisual Press has strong project planning and project operations, text editors, editorial force; has a better management system; has a rich and unique Yunnan ethnic cultural resources; has the ability and conditions for publishing and operating various projects .

● Successfully completed the national publishing project several times and won the China Government Publishing Award and the Chinese Excellent Publication Award for two consecutive times.

● Have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, and actively create publishing quality.

● A team of experts with good cooperation ensures the professionalism and accuracy of the project content.

  ● The “Yunnan ethnic minority culture audio and video digital publishing platform” is under construction to realize the transformation of traditional audiovisual publishing units to digital publishing. The integration of excellent national cultural content into the digitalization of national publications will promote the dissemination of national publishing content, which will also benefit the culture. Industrial market development.

National honor

First, the "Yunnan ethnic art of sung: The Eleven Oral Songs of Yunnan's Nine Ethnic Groups Epic" audio-visual publication won the third China Publishing Government Award in 2013.

Second, the "Last Heritage - 8 Ethnic Minorities Native Music in Yunnan" audio and video publication won the sixth China Excellent Publication Award in 2016 and the fourth China Publishing Government Award in 2016.

3. Yunnan Ethnic Handicrafts and Embroidery Series won the Sixth China Outstanding Publication Nomination Award in 2016.

★ “Yunnan Ethnic Art” and “The Last Legacy” won the China Government Publishing Award for two consecutive years. It is the only outstanding audio and video publication of the “China Publishing Government Award”, the highest level in the country’s news publishing field.