"The Last Legacy" Achang - 01. Rarely waiting for me

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The "Last Heritage - Ethnically Acoustic Music of 8 Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Province" is a project funded by the State Publishing Fund, a national key audio-visual publication publishing project during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, and a 2011 National Publishing Fund-funded project. In May 2015, it was awarded “Excellent” by the National Publishing Fund Planning Management Office, and won the “Sixth Chinese Excellent Publication Award” in 2016 and “The Fourth China Publishing Government Award” in 2016. The national native music is rich in content, and it is a large-scale, high-capacity, precious audio and video publication.

       Publications are organized by ethnic groups. The whole series consists of "Blang Native Music", "Achang Native Music", "Pumi Native Music", "Nu Nuo Native Music", "Keno's Native Music", and "De'ang Native Music". , "Donglong native music" and "Jingpo native music" composed of 8 volumes. The total length of the program is 7216 minutes, a total of 129 CDs, of which the audio product is 112 discs CD, 6366 minutes; the video product is 17 discs DVD, 850 minutes; 1407 audio CD tracks, 183 video DVD recording tracks are selected.