Exploring and Protecting the Endangered Languages of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

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"Exploration and Protection of the Endangered Languages and Texts of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan: The Nu People's "Ruoluo" Language, Dulong Language, Yan Dongwen, Naxi Dongba, and Achang Branches and Xiandao Languages" , published in December 2016. A total of 5 discs DVD, 5 discs CD, respectively: Yi Qiang Dongwen, Naxi Dongba, Dulong Dulong, Nuo Ruoyu, Achang Xiandao, each 2 discs (DVD, CD each 1 dish). In the process of the historical development of our country, the minority language is an important part of Chinese culture, a precious cultural resource of the Chinese nation, and a precious intangible heritage of all humanity. The colorful ethnic languages and languages combine the original features of the border culture, the inclusiveness of multiculturalism, the uniqueness of regional culture, and the richness of historical culture. It contains the historical connotation of human development and embodies the national spirit. The wisdom of crystallization is a valuable human wealth in intangible cultural heritage, with a very high historical value and literary and artistic value. However, due to various complicated reasons such as ethnic differentiation, population migration, ethnic integration, social transformation, and the impact of globalization, these precious minority languages are gradually disappearing and disappearing. Since the project was approved, the publishing house has been carefully organized and implemented with a high-quality awareness to protect the cultural heritage of the nation, promote the excellent culture of the nation, and tap the spiritual values, modes of survival, thinking and cultural connotations of ethnic minorities, and save the lives of ethnic minorities. Significance.