Yunnan ethnic folk embroidery

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In order to inherit and develop Yunnan ethnic folk embroidery art, protect traditional hand embroidery, carry forward national excellent culture, let more people understand the value of Yunnan's unique ethnic handicraft art, and appreciate the unique charm of embroidery works. Yunnan Ethnic Culture and Audiovisual Press Co., Ltd. plans to publish and publish the “Yunnan National Folk Handmade Embroidery Series” Chinese and national audio-visual publications. Through the use of modern video means and film and television footage, the Miao people in Yunnan are faithfully recorded and reproduced. The handicraft embroidery skills and some works of the five ethnic groups of the Dai, Bai, Huayao, Zhuang, and their contents are edited into a DVD DVD+Catalog format, and are published in a collection of albums and souvenirs. The five ethnic minority regions with a relatively large population of ethnic minorities in Yunnan hope that more compatriots in the country will understand the value of the arts and crafts that are unique to Yunnan's ethnic and folk arts and appreciate the unique charm of the embroidery works so as to achieve the goals of protection, inheritance, development and utilization.