The national sung singing "King Gesar"

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"Yunnan Nationality Suntory Art" is a national funded national fundraising project funded and published by Yunnan Ethnic Culture, Audio, and Visual Publication Co., Ltd. It won the third China Publishing Government Award in 2013. A set of 2 volumes, the first volume for the DVD11 disc, the second volume for the CD11 disc.

       The works use modern audio and video methods and use Tibetan language, 彝(Sani), Hani, Yi, Yi, Lahu, Achang and other ethnic languages as the carrier, together with subtitle translation, to include Ashima. The King Gesar, Hani Haba, Meige, Charm, Dagudang Gelai, Four Seasons Production, Zhaoshutun and Nanmu Nona, The classic arias of eleven singing arts of the nine ethnic minorities in Yunnan, Siguri, Zebra, and Shami, and Mumpapa, as well as the heritage of nine ethnic minorities and folk customs. The original ecological, objective and realistic display, rich content, excellent production, has a high inheritance value. The project will effectively protect and inherit the outstanding ethnic cultural heritage, and will in-depth explore the rich ethnic cultural resources in Yunnan. It will faithfully reflect the original features of ethnic minority literature and expand the social influence of ethnic minority literature. It will continue to enrich the treasures of Yunnan's ethnic cultural resources and vigorously promote excellence. National culture has made a useful contribution.